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Exchange Programs with the USA, something to think about?

Our guest speaker this time is Mr. Hartwig Prüßmann who has great experience in an area we haven’t tackled before: Exchange Programs.

Hartwig is the president of both, the Deutsch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft Köln e.V.(German-American Society of Cologne) and the Freundeskreis Köln-Indianapolis e.V. (Sister City committee Cologne-Indianapolis). Both organizations work closely together with each other fostering „people to people“- relations between the sister cities.

Hartwig will let you know more about the different interesting activities in this regard during the meeting and is available for questions from you how to participate. Furthermore, Hartwig has been actively involved in the transatlantic student exchange for the last 30 years. He was responsible for one part of the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange programs and still is responsible for other exchange programs with US universities. Infos regarding this specific topic will be provided during the meeting.

In these times of troubled trans-Atlantic relations, exchange programs are more important than ever. Shouldn’t we be informed and even participate?

Fluent and fairly fluent speakers of English - native and non-native, from all nations - are welcome to join our cultural and social events. Membership is free, but a charge is made at the door for refreshments. Doors open at 6.30 p.m., and the programme begins at 7. Advance registration is not necessary, you can sign up during the evening. Details of the programme will be posted on the internet: www.stadt-koeln.de/vhs.
1 Abend, 28.09.2018
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